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Poetry has existed for thousands of years, yet people still doubt this beautiful art form and wonder, “Why is poetry important?” Despite being among the oldest kind of human expression and being discovered in every society and culture around the globe, even its most avid enjoyer still can’t figure out why poetry is so amazing. What makes poetry unique, and why are we compelled to write it?

Brian Clements, author of “Anthology of Short Stories and Poems II,” being a poet himself, sometimes finds himself gripped by the mysterious and quaint allure of poetry. However, thanks to the many years he’s been writing his literary works, he has come up with possible answers to this ancient query. Read on as he shares his thoughts and responses about why poems are essential.

Poetry is Capable of Doing What Other Art Forms Can’t

Unlike other art forms, poems focus mainly on capturing moments, conveying emotions, and finding the right words to use. A poem lets individuals share their most impactful experiences and innermost sentiments with everybody. Well-written verses can transcend space and time, pulling listeners or readers into the poet’s world and mind, accompanied by a rhythm miming our heartbeats.

Poetry Offers Solace and Comfort to the Poet, Reader, and Listener

Only a few art forms offer solace and comfort to the poet, reader, and listener. Notice how the poet gains catharsis during the writing process from whatever they’re writing. During book sales, readers can plunge themselves into the poet’s emotions, able to feel the same thing they felt. And in readings or performances, listeners are led by the hand to a place where their feelings reside, allowing them to taste whatever flavor of state the poet was previously experiencing.

Poems enable the writer to share the same amount of catharsis they had, involving others in a universal play of healing. Many poets prefer creating a moving poem, but one must have the skills to do so.

Poetry is Life-Giving and Essential

When asked, “Why is poetry important to you?” people like Brian Clements would reply, “For me, poetry is life-giving and essential, and it’s helped me get through some very patches in my life.” People who read and write poems consider it as something other than a pastime or a hobby. They look at the art form as a way of life and a necessity similar to breathing.

Poets can’t help but express themselves and let out whatever is bottled up in their hearts or minds. They also value the creativity to write in any style, the freedom to talk about any topic, and the ability to provide what their soul needs. Poems are the perfect art form for them because it gives immediate gratification/expression, the freedom to tackle any subject, and the creativity to write in whatever style they like.

Poetry is a Liberating Endeavor

French ethnologist and anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss coined the phrase “wild thinking,” which was (from his perspective) a method of interpreting reality in an associative and spontaneous manner. Poetry is one of the surviving forms of expression that lets us tap into our wild side and genuinely make an unhindered piece of art.

Aside from that, poetry can become a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves. It has been a means for people to speak out regarding societal concerns, such as exposing injustices, calling out prejudices, and fighting for minorities.

Poetry Enhances a Person’s Mental Health

Believe it or not, there has been quite a significant number of analyses and research discussing poetry’s health advantages. Poetry has been shown to enhance memory, work performance, and mood. It was also a welcome distraction from life’s stressors and opened up favorable circumstances for forty-four hospitalized kids during a 2021 study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Poetry Helps Develop Mental Discipline

Writing a poem requires discipline because certain styles follow different rules. But regardless if someone is writing a Haiku with the correct number of syllables or using an iambic pentameter to write a sonnet correctly, poetry makes those who indulge in it think. Writing poems is not easy work, so it’s perfect for those who want to develop mental discipline. Millions of individuals like Brian Clements enjoy and consume poetry daily, and for them, the question “Why is poetry important?” was answered long ago. Poetry is important because it is an expression of our humanity. It’s like a part of us that we wrote on a piece of paper, making that piece of paper a version of ourselves. Poetry is important because it is one of the things we live for, and it tells us that we may contribute a verse to the world’s story.

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