Poetry will excite your imagination and emotions – it is also like air, like wind, it helps you breathe, but then it encases you like a blanket of warmth and raises you to the skies and the universe.

To get a firm clue which one can follow fruitfully in the retrospect and prospect one have proposed to oneself, it will not be awry to inquire what is the highest power one can demand from poetry or what may be the nature of poetry, its essential law, and how out of that arises the possibility of its use as the mantra of the Real. Not that people need to spend a vain effort in laboring to define anything so intense, mysterious, and indescribable as the breath of poetic creation. However, people do need some guiding intuitions and some helpful descriptions that will enlighten their search and fix in that way, not by definition. Still, by description, the essential things in poetry are neither an impossible nor worthless venture.  

You see, poetry (Brian Clements) is like water. It flows everywhere. It is as powerful as water. People might think that water is weak and powerless, but they often forget that a surge of water moves rocks, and spouts erode rocks. This is why some apprehend that poetry is like water, it seems powerless, but it is powerful, for it can melt the rigid hearts and liberate the darkest of souls. Art has a lot of essences, and poetry is one of them. Poetry is the art that exists until man lives, for man cannot live without it. Humans can be so much because we are characters of our own story, but we are also stanzas of our poem.

Poetry, like art, can be so substantial. It can be the water that moves and soothes, the flame that kindles and burns, the wind that mounts, the light that illuminates, the dark that overwhelms, the colors that babble, the voice that comforts, and the silence that stuns. Poetry is not only around everyone, but it is inside as well. It is just a matter of listening intently. Poetry is an art that does not say a lot but says everything simultaneously. Poetry to a poet is like music in the back of their minds.

The spectacle of poetry is really striking, the fact that it might seem to focus on one topic, but it does not because every word ends up representing all of life. If one has ever seen so much life, one can only see it in words. How immensely poetry moves you to a level so intricate and eccentric that your life is spent wondering where you stand.

Poetry and Its Kernel

Poetry is a genre of literature, a genre of art, and a genre of life. It is a form of literary artwork due to its matchless beauty and magnitude of emotion. Poetry and good literary artwork can change the phenomenon of art and not just that. Poetry can change the system of thought and the blueprint of the brain.

However, people think that poetry is easy. Well, nothing is easy. A lot of time, effort, and emotion goes into words because poets and writers put their beauty in words, which makes words beautiful. The most beautiful words are written by the truest of hearts and the purest of souls. Moreover, human beings are a stanza that contributes to the poem of life just like rivers contribute to a sea—talking about stanzas and poems that contribute to the sea of words!

What Poetry Means 

Poetry is like a life force to people. You read it, and then one can not get enough of it and yearn for more and more of it. Poetry has always left humans with so much to contemplate and question. It has taken them to lands they have not known and to places they have not seen. More than that, it has always left people with a smile, a smile of revelation and realization like when you get an answer you have always been looking for. As for comparing poetry to water, it coops you, and after all the roughness, you end up suspended between time and reality, thinking where you belong, either in the hands of oblivious time or in the hands of harsh reality. It is a question people contemplate about.

Moreover, poetry is a lot like a trip inside yourself because you can never really feel it until you know your weaknesses, faults, errors, and regrets. When you know what you have done right and what you have done wrong, you know what you are looking for and what you have been doing wrong. Nevertheless, half of the human race is just looking for redemption, which is a good way to choose and walk along. Then again, poetry forms a bridge of words between your heart, soul, and mind, at once connecting the three of them and forming a solid pact.

Human beings know that everything has different importance in one’s life and a place, but if there is something that alters every other thing, it is poetry, writing, and reading. Poetry is such a milestone for people that one was never the same after reading and writing it. Poetry always showed mankind that they could do something they could outshine. More than that, poetry has always said all that one had to say. It was the one thing that a person could trust without questioning.

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