Going on a road trip or having a 12-hour flight? Planning to travel a long distance? People usually love traveling, but these are probably some things that people hate the most about traveling. Most of the time, being cooped up in a small spot will often lead people to feel very irritable, tired, or bored. So, here are a few things you may want to prepare to help kill time during travel:

1. Playlist

This is probably a staple when preparing for a long car ride or flight. The perfect playlist could calm your nerves before take-off or keep you motivated to keep driving after a long time. Don’t be afraid to mix things up when preparing a playlist. It doesn’t all have to be happy, hype songs; feel free to mix up some sappy love songs, smashing rock and roll bits, calming classical music, and upbeat break-up songs to keep things interesting during your ride.

2. Movies!

Aside from music, movies are probably another staple you’ve heard of when people travel. However, to keep things entertaining, you may want to prepare movies of various genres so that you can watch whichever you “feel like” when your trip starts. If you only prepare movies from one genre, it may make you bored or frustrated when you reach your second or third movie.

3. Podcast

Podcasts are becoming way more famous nowadays and are already becoming trendy on social media. If you are interested, you may want to try looking through a website called PodRanker since this can also help people find shows that they may like or be interested in. This is also an excellent way for many people to do something while driving.

4. Book

A good book can transport a person from a cramped car to a castle or faraway land. Depending on how fast you may read, you may want to stack up more than one book or download an epub version on your phone if you know you’re the type of person who can zip through novels in the blink of an eye. 

However, if you are expecting a lot of stopovers in your ride, you may want to consider buying a book with several short stories or poems like Anthology Of Short Stories And Poems II by Brian Clements. Usually, stopping yourself when reading just because you have to switch buses or aircraft can be frustrating, so a book with multiple short stories will be more preferred and enjoyable for others.

5. Audiobook

If you’re the one driving the car, you may want to consider using an audiobook instead so that you can also chime into the story while having your hands on the wheel. This may be great if you are traveling alone since you get to stop and continue anytime you like. 

However, if you’re traveling with a family, picking an audiobook that everyone will enjoy is excellent since it is just like watching a movie together. After the audiobook, you may even discuss the plot or the characters to spark up some conversation.

6. Stand-up Comedy

I know what you’re thinking, “You must be kidding!” *wink wink* Seriously, though, there are so many stand-up comedies available online, and you may even find these on Spotify! Stand-up comedy is excellent since you can change your music or silence into sounds of fun and laughter. Moreover, it would lighten up the mood if you’ve been stuck in a small space for an extended period.

7. Learn a Language

If you’ve never tried learning a new language before, you may not know that multiple audio courses could help keep your mind running when having a long trip. It could even help you learn a few phrases before reaching the country you may be visiting and help you impress some locals when you get there. If you are unaware, many apps such as Duolingo could help you find an audio course. 

8. Sleep

If you haven’t had a good night’s rest, maybe this flight is a good sign for you to take a well-deserved nap. It would be great if you could bring a sleep mask and some earplugs, especially if you are on a plane so that you could block off distractions from other passengers. For more comfort, you may also want to bring a thin blanket or wear an oversized sweater during your trip if you expect it to be cold.

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